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A testimonial is a short quote or personal anecdote from a client that describes the positive experience they’ve had with your company. Like most marketers, I thought I’d seen everything when it came to customer .


Marucci features a quote with a hero image and a CTA on their homepage. If a visitor is interested, they can read more about Lindor’s story before deciding whether to buy from the brand. RokuTV’s testimonial video focuses on several customers who love to use their product. It’s simple storytelling at its best and emphasizes the ease of use. One of the reasons this testimonial works so well is because of its focus on representation. Glossier serves a diverse client base, and it ensures its prospective customers feel seen by featuring customers of diverse backgrounds.

i. Quotes

I also appreciate your creative presentations which added to the description. Getting a shout-out from an influencer, celebrity, or well-known brand all counts as an influencer testimonial example. This can be a highly beneficial and powerful example of how your business serves well-known people in your industry. An interview is a great way to format a customer testimonial, especially if you / your client aren’t quite sure what to say. You can also take quotes from these Forex brokers to use in written copy, with an image and link to the recording. For extra bonus features, you could even ask your customers to provide an out-of-five ranking, giving you a quantitative element that you can use in other forms of marketing. When you think of testimonials, you’re probably picturing the traditional quote type of testimonial.


The QA Automation team is really helpful in support of regular delivery process of the product. While creating the concept for my new game, Diamond Duels, I was recommended review to AltexSoft from someone that had used them on a project of their own. The process of building the app was handled with complete professionalism and went smoothly.

Take Our Clients’ Word for It

For more information, check out this comparison of different video testimonial tools. As if it were a case study, you can play the testimonial, point out crucial information, and engage in a debate about specific themes. To keep your audience engaged, you need to present your video as an educational resource rather than a commercial. Increasing your reach and establishing relationships with a more specific demographic are two of the many benefits of distributing your content across numerous platforms. In order to answer any questions the viewer may have while watching the video, this method is used to deliver detailed information.

  • 36% of sales enablement teams are using customer testimonials to help their sales teams build cases.
  • There isn’t anything better than using a landing page to showcase customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Second, the case study is also specific by highlighting the challenges the company faced and how Zendesk helped out.
  • Testimonials are generally given by the customer directly to the company.

Here, the testimonial begins with the buyer’s objection, before continuing with praise and ending with an eventual overcoming of the initial skepticism. We can never think prospects know what to do; we have to take them by the hand and show them.

Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Pages

You don’t have to build out an entirely new sector of your site to showcase your effectively. Dribbble’s testimonial page is filled with bright, happy colors and highlighted quotes. What we love about this page is how honest and straightforward the user reviews are. You’ll rarely find a negative review, though it’s worth noting that these negative reviews also lend credibility. If all the ratings are five-star ratings, users are less likely to trust the brand because those ratings may be falsified.

Examples of Client Testimonials and How to Incorporate Them in Your Website

Remarkably, AltexSoft’s professionalism and progress have not lagged, exceeding our expectations. That AltexSoft is engaged in humanitarian work further shows the strength and depth of their character. We hope and plan to Forex brokers work with AltexSoft to continue to expand upon this work in the future. Since we started Wyzowl in 2011 we’ve had simple fixed pricing. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, we’ve got a package that’s right for you.

Social Media Testimonials

Figure out what it is you’re trying to show with this testimonial. Start your free 3-day trial of Shopify—no credit card required. Now that we understand the value of a testimonial, let’s talk about how you can start collecting your own. How to Create Pillar Pages for SEO (With Examples!) Learn how to improve your rank, roboforex com review surface more of your content, and build your reputation. Join over 16,000 people who receive web marketing tips every two weeks. Now I need to go back and check how I’ve used the ones I already have. Therefore you will end up with a really long page of content that is diluted because some of the content isn’t optimised.

The best paint a picture with words so readers can understand the value of purchasing from you. Be sure to feature testimonials with descriptive language that’s enthusiastic and detailed to help convince your prospects to make a purchase. Authority testimonials tend to be expensive to produce, and it can be challenging to find the right influencer. Still, when they succeed, these campaigns can pay dividends for your company over time. For example, just look at State Farm’s advertisements that include pro-football player Aaron Rodgers. What started as the "Discount Double Check" ads have snowballed into an eight-year ad campaign that is still going strong today. Wyzowl’s research suggests that 87% of marketers believe that video offers a positive ROI.

A past or current customer will present a formal "word of mouth" testimonial that a business can use in marketing and to build trust with future customers. According to BigCommerce, 72% of consumers say positive reviews and make them trust a business more and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That’s a huge amount of credibility you can leverage with some well-executed testimonials from genuine customers. As a business owner, you can choose any type of testimonial, or have a mix of them to enhance your brand’s social proof and make them an essential part of your marketing strategy. Each type of testimonial plays a role in reinforcing your marketing messages to a diverse audience.