The muscle men: an evaluation of one’s real elegance needs out of homosexual and heterosexual menSwami, V

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The muscle men: an evaluation of one’s real elegance needs out of homosexual and heterosexual menSwami, V

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The newest determine of men’s room sexual actions to your attitudes of ladies real elegance, health insurance and fertilitySwami, V

Values regarding the definition and you can measurement regarding intelligence: a combination-cultural review away from American, British and you will Malaysian undergraduatesSwami, V., Furnham, An excellent., Maakip, I., Ahmad, Yards.S., Nawi, N.H.Yards., Voo, P.S.K., Christopher, An effective.N. and you may Garwood, J. 2008. Values regarding definition and you can measurement away from cleverness: a corner-social analysis of American, United kingdom and Malaysian undergraduates. Applied Cognitive Psychology. twenty-two (2), pp. 235-246.

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Looking good: things affecting the likelihood of which have makeup surgerySwami, V., Arteche, Good., Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Furnham, A., Stieger, S., Haubner, T. and you may Voracek, Yards. 2008. Looking good: facts affecting the possibilities of that have surgery treatment. Eu Log out of Cosmetic plastic surgery. 29 (5), pp. 211-218.

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Are love very therefore blind?

This new relative sum away from profile shape and you will weight so you can decisions off ladies’ actual elegance in britain and MalaysiaSwami, V. and you will Tovee, M.J. 2007. This new cousin sum from reputation physique and you will lbs so you’re able to judgements away from ladies bodily appeal in the uk and you may Malaysia. Muscles Image. 4 (4), pp. 391-396.