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The instore concept includes navigation and signage for both new and refurbished supermarkets. With a well-defined strategy and successful internal kick-off in place, føtex and Kunde & Co co-operates closely on a daily basis to plan, develop and produce marketing activities across all platforms. These include an on-going development of campaigns and weekly advertisements.


In this way, you will never have to visit the store in vain, but can be sure if the item is available. It was promised that the order would be ready to pick up within 2 hours. Waited nearby, but recevied an email when 2 hours was almost over, saying that the product was out of stock, and the order was cancelled. Take advantage of targeting audience and expose your business locally or nationally. We help you understand who your customers are as individuals and how to engage them using polls, sweepstakes, referrals programs, and more. We’ll keep your website up to date and relevant on the top of any search page. We are very reasonable with our pricing, because we understand what it takes to start a business.

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Føtex therefore had to define how to offer value-for-money to these customers, who are not only driven by low prices but also demand quality groceries and an inspiring shopping experience. In addition, consumers in the aftermath of the financial crisis are more demanding when it comes to their expectations of how a modern responsible retailer should behave. Furthermore, the test made it clear that føtex had to go back to basics. Back to the heritage position føtex had been built on, but was left out in the price battle.


One of the other items was incorrect, but you have a “no return policy” – even though it was bough in a large quantity and still in the packaging material it was received in. With millions of people having access to your business, it is not a source of customers which you can ignore. We will make sure your Social Media is truly representing your business. Let our experts show to millions of customers online how good your business is and how much you care about your customers. This is done to make sure there is a red thread running from marketing and communication to the physical customer experience.


When you sign up for one of our online marketing plans we design your website for Free. Our websites are customized to reflect compare online brokers your business and built with SEO in mind. A clear conclusion from the consumer test was that føtex had to refresh its look.

  • Honestly I thought that I could trust in føtex but this experience it shows me the opposite.
  • As of 2006, the chain consists of 76 stores located all over Denmark.
  • Inside a typical føtex, there is a food section, a deli and a non-food section.
  • As a central category to the 50+ market, wine has been given its own universe where customers can explore a world of wine with relevant offers and online content.
  • Fotex clients get 60% more leads from online advertising, with 25% lower costs per click.

The web design will go hand in hand with branding of your business & logo. A pivotal part of the roll out has been for Kunde & Co to design an instore concept that reflects the overall brand concept and tonality. Føtex for de små (føtex for the little ones) is the club for families with small children. Through a highly segmented approach, content targets pregnancy to children up to three years old. To move føtex Forex ahead of competition, it was clear that a better understanding of customers, their requirements and purchasing habits was necessary. Kunde & Co collaborated closely with føtex to conduct an extensive assessment to understand the point-of-departure and symptoms of the company’s current state as well as to recognise where to go. When commencing the project, føtex already had a wealth of market reports and analyses.