Is Hot or Not expensive or cheap?

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Is Hot or Not expensive or cheap?

  • Same layout as Badoo
  • User-friendly
  • Optimized for mobile

The app is free for download at the Apple App Store and in Google Play. The features, functions, and design of the website were properly translated into the app. The app is user-friendly and mobile-optimized. However you can’t see your score or anyone else’s. Toggling the premium transactions would also be better if done on the desktop website.

Hot or Not Real Life Review

“It’s a reliable website with real profiles. It’s one of the best and quickest ways to find if anyone in my area is interesting. I love it because it’s like Tinder but I’m not pressured to really get a girlfriend, you know? I could just rate photos all day, and I’ll never run out of profiles to swipe on. Their customer service is superb too, they immediately refunded my money when I contacted them about making a mistake while paying for premium.” – Male, Business Development Manager (28)

Design and Usability

Hot or Not has more or less the same layout, colors, font, almost everything as Badoo. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The website has a modern and sophisticated feel thanks to the white background, carefully organized functions, and updated fonts. Encounters, which is basically the foundation of the website, is the default landing page; so you know what the main purpose of the site is. The functions are easy to find and the entire layout can be navigated intuitively.

Hot or Not Costs and Prices

  • Profile creation
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • Get matches
  • Chat with users
  • Browse through profiles
  • View photos

In addition to the ones listed above, Hot or Not offers premium packages that are on both ends of the spectrum. The 1 day package costs 0.79 USD while the Lifetime package costs USD. Women automatically get a 3-day free trial while men have to invite their email contacts onto the website to do this. However, during our test, we found that when men try to delete their account, Hot or Not will only then offer the 3-day free trial. The premium subscription can be activated through credit hookup Modesto card, PayPal, SMS, and your app store account.

Special Features

Hot or Not has a few features that although are common in the online dating world, can still provide an enjoyable social networking experience.


This is Hot or Not’s main feature. In this page, you are presented with profiles based on location, interests, etc. You can also set your search criteria to further filter the profiles that are shown to you. You can swipe left or right to show that you dislike or like them, respectively. Mutual matches here don’t just lead to connections. Whenever someone swipes right on your photo in their Encounters page, your profile rating goes up. So make sure to use your best photo as your default photo.


These are non-verbal ways to show someone that you like them. Gifts can either be cupcakes, coffee, ice cream, and many more. You can send someone a gift directly through their profile (on the upper right corner of their page) or through the gift icon in the chat box. Gifts sent can be private between you and the recipient, or available to be viewed by the public. You have to buy credits to be able to send gifts.


Stickers are fun emoticons you can add to elevate your chatting in Hot or Not. You can find them by clicking on the smiley emoji on the bottom of your chat box. Stickers have to be bought using credits and they are available in packs. They never expire; once you buy sticker packs, they’re available for your use forever.