How Your Dating App Can Compete With Tinder

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How Your Dating App Can Compete With Tinder

  • Setting up notifications and filters.
  • Linking a profile to other pages.
  • Deleting an account.

Tinder is rightfully considered one of the most popular dating apps with more than 57 million users globally. Due to its swiping feature (right for like and left for dislike), this application became a role model for those who are learning how to build a dating app and want to create a good product.

That is why to compete with Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and others, you need to understand the concept of their success. First of all, these applications made the process of searching for a partner extremely simple. You sign-in with an existing social media account, use an automated transition of the necessary information, and start swiping photos of users who live nearby.

Another feature that makes these apps stand out is the gaming spirit. Users love swiping and searching for a soulmate at the same time. This adds gamification and entertainment to the process.

When working on your dating app, pay attention to how Tinder or Bumble users can adjust the search settings by sex, age, and location. To monetize this feature, you could set a bigger radius for a free version, and the exact location for a prepaid one.

To take the product to a completely new level, pay attention to the latest AI algorithms. With their help, the app will adjust to users preferences and will find matches more accurately. This technology is also a great way to check and verify users. For example, AI-running dating apps may check users ID and award a risk score to create a secure environment and minimize catfishing.

Finally, you should implement spam detection. This clever algorithm allows tracking messages that were sent to several users at the same time.

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How to Develop a Dating App Step-by-Step

Building a dating app from scratch consists of multiple stages, each of which should be treated with equal attention. Below we have listed steps that you should take to create a unique and viable dating app.

Analyze The Target Audience

To launch a great matching app, its important to understand what the target audience wants. Yes, you may develop a general application that meets the requirements of different population groups, but the design, set of features, and even the apps title should be tailored based on the target audience.

Create a Specification

Once you have conducted the market Tempe escort service research and know your target audience, its necessary to describe the business processes of the app and its overall structure. The specification is a document where you provide a detailed description of the way you want the app to work – its MVP features, localization mechanism, monetization plan, and any other issues that you want to cover. Based on the specification, developers build the app and designers create the way it looks.

Work on the UI/UX design

The interface of your online platform plays a crucial role and greatly influences the decision of a user whether to stay or to search for another app. The key rule of a good design is keeping it intuitive and simple. Users are expecting an understandable UX design without any confusion. The buttons should be clear and convenient, and the colors should match the overall pattern. If you have any doubts, return to competitors analysis and see what design features the successful apps apply.

The convenience and satisfaction of users largely depend on UI. It is crucial for making the dating app UI design intuitive and clear. So in the process of making a dating app, you should pay special attention to this step.