How to Write a Testimonial: 2 Templates + 9 Examples

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Client instaforex com review can prove that you’re the right option. Customer testimonials enable you to highlight pain points relatable to your audience. It’s a smart idea to have a dedicated testimonial page that users can easily navigate to if they want to learn more about your business. You can call the page “Testimonials,” “Reviews,” “Our Customers,” or something more creative. The testimonial box also grabs the user’s attention with its illustrated vector art. The images feel hand-drawn, making the brand feel wholesome and homemade.

Including photographs and other visuals makes your more credible. Photos of your customers, as well as videos that show your customers using the product, are particularly powerful. A testimonial is a third party statement that comments on how good someone or something is. In fact, reaffirming your product’s worth is one of the key techniques in the psychology of selling. Reach out to Testimonial Hero for help in producing high-quality video testimonials to drive more sales for your business. Let’s take a look at five effective video testimonial examples and extract key insights from them that you can incorporate into your own. Approximately 73% of B2B videos are two minutes or less — forcing creators to pack in a lot of value in a concise, effective way.


An authentic testimonial will show how the customer’s problem and how your product/service improved the customer’s life. Don’t make the entire story about your company.Weave quotes and results into the story but focus on the transformation the client went through. Don’t bore your reader.Just like with articles and sales copy, only make your testimonial as long as it needs to be – not a word longer. The purpose of a long-form testimonial is to pack in more value and proof, not to make it as long as possible and bore your reader to death. As the saying goes, “the more you tell, the more you sell,” and are no exception. Success story testimonials can also work in other industries, not just the health and fitness industry. Huge companies in other industries use success story testimonials as well.

What is a testimonial?

With over 1,020 client , you can feel confident we’ll help you manage your reputation. Customer testimonials add a second layer of confidence when it comes to buyers making a selection — helping you better sell your products. You could continuously tell your target audience how your products or services are the best, but it doesn’t mean you’ll convince them of it. Customer testimonials are recommendations of your brand from current clients or customers that talk about how your product or service benefitted them.


Birddogs has a neat testimonial page that’s perfectly on-brand with the company’s marketing approach. The online clothing retailer prides itself on its loud personality and encourages its customers to be laid-back, humorous, and creative. As a result, we get to read hilarious from the brand’s customer base. This testimonial is highly effective because of the product carousel at the bottom. After reading a success story, the users feel like they can become like the ambassador once they purchase the gear he used. In the above testimonial, a customer named Jeanine shares her experience with Briogeo’s products. While the post is scattered with too many product mentions, it takes full advantage of its real estate by allowing the writer to tell us how the company’s products improved her routine.

elements of a powerful testimonial

Even if something catches a bit more enthusiasm, it can still be hard for a creative contributor to know the right time to brag about their contribution. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

  • A good testimonial is like a miniature story, describing how one person’s life improved after taken a course, hiring a coach or consultant, taking part in a workshop, etc.
  • They’ve also wisely selected descriptive words that make our mouth water, like “Peach Paradise” and “subtle yet rich in flavors,” making the purchase of the tea hard to resist.
  • Entertaining, visual, engaging, and hard to fake, videos can be a highly effective business tool.
  • Social media is a great place to find quote testimonial examples, and you might even find customer images that you can repurpose in your own marketing.
  • Customer interviews are quite adaptable since they can be presented in various formats.

The beautiful illustrations, revealed using a parallax scrolling effect, frame the text and help draw more attention to it. Motorcycle tour agency Hearts and Tears Forex brokers uses a short customer quote in promoting an upcoming tour. Paired with a large image from the trip, it helps give a sense of what the ride is all about.

Video Testimonials

Every tip in this post so far is about increasing conversion rates. But this little bonus tip can increase your traffic as well. If the testimonial includes a target keyphrase, it can increase the relevance of that page for that phrase.

Blog Post Testimonials

As you can see in the image above, Harry’s has done a great job of building up its credibility on consumer review sites like TrustPilot. TrustPilot is a highly regarded review site — if you have a high rating there, prospective customers are more likely to trust you and your offering. While getting featured by news outlets can be difficult for your business to achieve, the payoff can result in thousands of new leads flocking to your website. If your company is lucky enough to obtain this type of publicity, feed its success by sharing any related content on your website, blog, and social media pages. The post can be written by someone who works for your company, or you can hire a guest writer to compose the post. The benefit of hiring an external writer is that the piece will appear less biased to the readers. Once completed, the post can be shared either on your blog or on another blog that’s popular in your industry.

Keep your documentary visually interesting.Take a good look at your ideas, subject, and the people you’re featuring to see if all of them fit well together. Picking the right subject to talk about.It has to be good and unique. Your subject story is the most important part as everything else that comes after this will be centered around the subject you’ve chosen. With his camera crew, Bryan visited three of his former students at their homes and went ahead documenting their experience in his course. Have a theme.Jeremy and Jason from the Internet Business Mastery podcast presented a theme to their listeners and academy members to speak on. The Brainy Business used their five-year anniversary as the talking point. Without a central theme, the will seem disjointed and confusing.

Make it specific.

According to a study done by WYZOWL, two out of three people are more likely to buy something after seeing a video testimonial from a previous customer. And 77% of people who have seen a testimonial product video said they were motivated to make a purchase.