How To: Modern Pin-Up Styles You Need To Know

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How To: Modern Pin-Up Styles You Need To Know

Fashion and style trends are a recurring process. The retro pin-up girl look is making its comeback from the 40’s to today. Having been popularized by Burlesque models in the early 40′ to 80’s. Those pin-up models pictures were mass produced and attracted a wider audience with the need to spread its appeal as pop culture. These informal posters were found anywhere from walls, poles, posts, and even those cigarette packs from Lucky Strike.

Pin-up fashion is synonymous to and a combination of Burlesque, Rockabilly and Old Hollywood Glamour in terms of clothes, hair, makeup, shoes and accessories. It’s all about being classy yet elegant, flirty without going overboard. It’s more on minimalism and simplicity with just a little skin exposure. With a little cleavage men are teased. This style celebrates women, from their curves to their flawless faces. Don’t worry if you think you aren’t skinny enough to pull off the perfect pin up girl look. The pin-up culture embraces your natural hips and curves.

Celebrities Embracing the Pin-up Look

Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani have been spotted on red carpets events, cameos and recordings in Pin-up make-up and fashion. Some of their music videos have amolatina a touch of pin-up styles through the hair, dance styles and costumes. Christina Aguilera starred in the 2010 film Burlesque with Cher. Katy Perry music and music videos are all inspired by pin-up fashion. Dita Von Teese also carries her classic style on and off the stage.

A simple pin-up hairstyle has always been neat and sexy, from pin curls, victory rolls, bangs and more. All you need is a large barrel curling iron, a good ol’ hairspray, some bobby pins… and more and more hairspray to hold your curls together. You can also use Pin-up hair accessories like headbands, bandanas, flower pins and hats as accents and to show emphasis on your neat and intact hairstyle.

In regards to hair color, blondes were said to have more fun however these days it doesn’t matter. You can go for streaks, ombre, pastel and dark colored hair dyes.


The eyebrows were neatly groomed and well arched, eye crease contoured with muted brown eyeshadow. Eyelids heavily lined with liquid or gel eyeliner, making the signature cat eyes or winged liners. Add lashes of your choice to create the illusion of full lashes even when looking down.

Cheeks were heavily contoured to create the illusion of high cheek bones and thinner face, and as for the lips a long staying matte red lipstick is preferred to the glossy ones. Line the lips first with a darker red lip liner.

If you’re too lazy to do cat eyes then just wear a red lipstick and pair it with dark sunglasses.


General rule: Bright red lips should be paired with bright red nails. If plain red bore the shit outta you, you can try Pin-up nail art and even stiletto nails.You can also try Dita Von Teese’s infamous half moon nails. She’s been wearing them for almost 20 years now. It never gets old.

As for the typical Pin-up girl clothing, there are different variations and signature styles. There are dresses, sailor inspired pieces, skirts and bustiers to choose from. Most of them have checkered prints, stripes, leopard prints, polka dots and cherry prints on it.


Pin up girls wear high-waisted bottoms to emphasize their curves and hips. It can be in form of high-waist skinny jeans with buttons on both sides, capri pants, high waisted shorts or pencil skirts.


Classic women shoes are another important pin-up fashion requirement for pin up lovers because their common pose for pictures showed legs. 2 to 4 inch pumps, platform pumps, wedges with straps, cherry prints, polka dots, leopard prints and lace speak to the Pin-up chic woman.

Classy Swimwear

Show off your best assets by wearing vintage swimsuits. Often in polka dot prints or stripes paired with high waisted bikini bottoms. Pin-up inspired bikinis look somewhat conservative yet sophisticated, showing less of what they’re supposed to show, still enhancing the curves and scream “SEXY”.

Having achieved the fashion look, all you need is a good photographer to take you sultry photos and you will star in your own Pin-up fashion editorial.

How do you find this modern Pinup aesthetic? Which styles did you try out? If you have more pin-up style tips share it with us! Comment below.