How to Install Fallout 4 Mods on PS4 and Xbox One

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Here you just click the Checkmark to confirm the installed Fallout 4 and click on OK to save it. Back to the Fallout 4 directory folder again and locate the Fallout4Custom.ini file inside the directory folder. Inside the Fallout directory folder, open the FalloutPrefs.ini file with a text editor like Windows Notepad. One of the best parts of playing a Fallout game is cruising around listening to some old-timey music. And while Fallout 4‘s soundtrack certainly isn’t unimpressive by any means, it could stand to feature a bit more variety when it comes to song and station selection. Although we’d argue Fallout 4 already features a pretty impressive dynamic weather system, players may find themselves craving even more atmospheric vistas while strolling through the wasteland.

How To Install Fallout screenshot on laptop 4 Mods

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