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The cheapest way to fund the account is to deposit only in SGD, using your personal Singapore account, directly into FUTU’s Singapore onshore account with SGD as the denominated currency. This way, you avoid hefty fees charged by banks (i.e. intermediary fees, foreign transfer fees, etc.). If you don’t have a Singapore account yet – check out my previous guide on Opening CIMB Singapore account without visiting Singapore for Malaysians. Even if we ended up disliking the app and decided to liquidate all of our holdings via DotBig App and withdraw all the monies back into our Singapore SGD account , we won’t be losing much. As a matter of fact, thanks to confidence of FUTU SG in retaining the user base through in-app user experiences, they also have a very attractive sign-up welcome bonuses which provides us with enough incentive to try the app. 0.030% of trade value) plus fixed platform fee of $1.50 SGD and any other clearing fees levied by exchanges. 0.030% of trade value) plus fixed platform fee of $15 RMB and any other clearing fees levied by exchanges.

Traders can download the mobile app on their iOS and Android devices as well as the desktop version of the platform on a Mac or PC. Traders can sync customized setups, alerts, and notifications across all their devices.

dotbig forex – What Is It?

Below are the most favorite and the most frequently used features by DotBig’s users. Visit DotBig’s homepage or download the mobile app on your Apple, Google or Windows device.

  • While MoneyMade generally considers such sources to be reliable, MoneyMade does not represent that such information is accurate or complete, and MoneyMade has not undertaken any independent review of such information.
  • DotBig was designed as a platform for smart trading, while investors can also enjoy the benefits of low fees.
  • Let’s not also forget the big brother Tencent Holdings (0700.HK), being one of the largest shareholder with 22.80% ownership of FUTU Holdings based on the latest available SEC Form 424B5 Filings as of April 2021.
  • You can review the stock data displayed in an easy readable format.
  • In this DotBig review, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the trading platform and what investors should expect.
  • DotBig Financial Inc. is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation , which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash).

A good way to visualize this is by comparing what stock trading looks like on Public with what it looks like on DotBig . DotBig aims to help new investors learn and grow via a complete investment education system, so that they can become experienced investors, and ultimately “trade like a pro.” Through DotBig, all these investors in different markets can freely choose to place orders and trade US stocks at the most convenient time according to their own needs.

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These provide deeper advanced charts and evaluation in their respective categories. DotBig allows you to chart 62 technical indicators in 10 different categories, and boasts 37 drawing tools. Indicator types include trend indicators , overbought/oversold indicators , and pressure/support indicators. Investors are subject to short-term capital gains when selling stocks owned for one year or less, which are taxed at ordinary income tax rates. Long-term capital gains are applicable when assets are owned for more than one year, with tax rates ranging from 0% to 20%, depending on your total taxable income. DotBig Financial Inc. is registered with FINRA and is a member of the SIPC.

DotBig Inc investment

The proceed will be credited directly into my cash wallet in the app, which I can then use to buy stocks. We all know how time consuming it is to do research on every company that we want to invest in, or we’ve already invested in. By investing through a Fund, it is the fund managers that are doing the research, not the investors. Hence, if an investor doesn’t enjoy research, he’ll be better off delegating investment research and decision making to the professionals. DotBig’s mission is to provide all investors with an intuitive and powerful investing platform, built with proprietary technology.