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Nice stuff, but it’s a real crap shoot. If ANYTHING goes wrong, you’re on your own, and I’m just not confident doing https://www.mentorhub.info/united-states/chicago/business-growth/uss-express business this way. As a new seller on The RealReal, I’m completely dissatisfied with the entire experience.

The zippers in the bag are cheap and prone to open. The product was great, but appears damaged in shipping. They packed in a bag which had tie strings.

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Yesterday, I called customer service. The first person who answered work from home review was talking so fast I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

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I consigned six items in my first shipment to them. Three sold and I received my commission on a timely basis. Another item sold and was returned. I recently sent them 9 more items and they acknowledged receipt. The items are beautifully photographed and accurately described that I can tell. My experience so far is that their descriptions are iffy.

  • Standard delivery took about a week and was updated the whole way.
  • Please share your experience in the comments so we can change the data if you have a case.
  • By attracting quality agents, you’ll have positive company growth.
  • The people are uplifting & our business has grown so much.

Each item sold goes through an authenticity process where it is evaluated by an in-house team of experts in each respective field. They have professionals on staff including gemologists, horologists, and art appraisers to ensure that luxury goods sold are authentic.

Which fees do agents pay at Real?

They’ve let two clients down in just what I’ve posted today. Maybe 3 if someone likes my ring but passes because it looks damaged LET THE SELLER BEWARE. DONT TRUST YOUR ITEMS TO THIS COMPANY. The item I ordered had the size COMPLETELY misrepresented.

real company reviews

I know the are really specific about the stuff they accept. They solved a lot of issues for me. Wish they had a lower brand division they would accept cause the really make it easy you do t have to deal with anything and they pay on time. The easy to use website has made customers enjoy purchasing https://www.mentorhub.info/united-states/chicago/business-growth/uss-express materials cheaper than retail prices through numerous sales and promotions. The RealReal has given consigners an easy way to sell their luxury merchandise and earn additional profit by offering sixty to seventy percent of the sale price. ⦁ The leather type of this bag is full-grain leather.

I contacted customer service and was given store credit only, since it was final sale AND i was responsible for the $13 shipping. I received another dress listed as “some discoloration on the front and under the armpit”. It was littered with what appears to be tomato sauce all over the front, and lots of deodorant under the https://kellerlogistics.com/ pits. I immediately returned it, and again, was responsible for the shipping cost. Other than that, ai haven’t had too many issues. If they cleared this up, and allowed free returns, I think A LOT more people would be attracted to use them more. I purchased what I thought we authentic Prozenza Schouler boots for $500.

Enstar Natural Gas Company Reviews

I have not had the same experience from other online consignment sites. I know that whenever I order something from The Real Real that the item will arrive in a timely manner and be "like new". I have also returned a few things due to https://realwealthbusiness.com/description-work-from-home-vacancies/ sizing issues and never had a problem with that part of the site either. I have also sold many things on this site and had a great experience with their pricing of my items and received my checks for sold items when they are promised.

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The prices fluctuate wildly, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear logic to the pricing and markdowns process. I have even seen items priced OVER the last available retail price for NEW.

I will definitely use them again and strongly recommend. Price for the brand was surprisingly good. Standard delivery took about a week and was updated the whole way.

The drawback is that some of their products are very costly, and middle and low-class people can’t afford them. If you can get quality items at a low price, then you should save your money instead of buying an expensive item. Mostly, delivery time for the US, UK, and Canada is 2–7 business days. I purchased a bag from the real leather company and they scammed me. I shipped the bag back to them and they kept my money. My friend is on TRR constantly, and she found me these "bargain " earrings.