6 Testimonial Examples You Can Use to Earn More Customers

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With over 1,020 client home traders reviews, you can feel confident we’ll help you manage your reputation. Customer testimonials add a second layer of confidence when it comes to buyers making a selection — helping you better sell your products. You could continuously tell your target audience how your products or services are the best, but it doesn’t mean you’ll convince them of it. Customer testimonials are recommendations of your brand from current clients or customers that talk about how your product or service benefitted them.

That’s why we compiled a guide filled with the 25 best testimonial pages from actual companies that we’ve seen online. Download the guide to get inspiration for your testimonial page. Therefore, make https://www.plus500.com/en-US/Trading/Forex conversational and easy to understand. People are busy, and long testimonials look daunting to read. Therefore, keep your testimonials two or three paragraphs in length at most. Wrap up your testimonial.Remember to look at what you’ve received and make any changes if necessary so that it shows you and your product in a better light.

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Igor is a SEO specialist, designer, and freelance writer. He believes that knowledge can change the world and be used to inspire and empower young people to build the life of their dreams. When he is not writing in his favorite coffee shop, Igor spends most of his time reading, traveling, producing house music, and capturing light with his camera. He is a sucker for good coffee, Indian food, and video games. While having people review and rate your business elsewhere can be stressful, it also provides a brilliant source of peer quotes that can be used on your website. Hearing from a peer is a powerful way to persuade clients that your page has helped people with similar problems to theirs.

LOL, it’s not just you being picky, you understand the foundation of a good testimonial. I never understood why anyone would write a testimonial with just a first name, and even more so why it would be accepted and published by the requester. And https://forexreviewdaily.com/ glad you found extra value by stumbling upon Henneke. Smartblogger is committed to promoting the best of the best to our audience. Thanks to this post I stumbled upon Henneke, who’s blog I immediately bookmarked for an extensive weekend perusal.


The more that a testimonial can highlight details, the more effective it will be. ” or “Fine, thanks,” around as answers to every question, and they mean nothing. On the other hand, if specifics about someone’s work or professional attributes are specifically noted, it stands out. When one has developed a career with defined expertise, testimonials should not mention personality traits like “bubbly” or “pleasant,” which have nothing to do with how actual work gets done. It is expected, at that time, that anyone in the work environment be pleasant and professional — but testimonials speak to much more than those basic traits.

Customer Testimonials: How To Use Them + Examples (

The first template demonstrates how a service helped improve a life—this is the most common template. Plus, Forex brokers are often hidden away on a website; they’re not placed where they matter most and where web visitors will see them. Get inspired by 25 testimonial page examples from companies like Asana and PandaDoc. Check out the examples below to find inspiration for your testimonial page.

  • With those tools, you can tell an inspiring customer story just by threading different customer quotes together in one track.
  • Zendesk has a dedicated customer page that contains success stories of companies that use the product.
  • This reduces friction in the customer journey and increases Glossier’s likelihood of closing a sale.
  • Oberloposted interviews on their blog with users who have been successful while using the service.
  • You could even ask your customers to rate you on a scale of one to five, providing you with a statistical element that you can use in other promotional methods.

This is one of the most cost-effective methods for collecting unbiased customer www tradershome review. You can create a hashtag and easily start promoting it on your Instagram account without needing to pay a single dime. Even if users don’t write a lengthy caption singing praises to your product, a picture will more than say enough. The quality of the product and the user’s emotion in the picture will show that your product works. Fabletics leverages social media to collect testimonials from its customers. Take your testimonial page one step further by incorporating more visual elements like images, videos, and social media feeds.

Video Testimonials

The results indicate that they do, in fact, have a major impact on conversion rates and sales. According to the numbers, they might actually be more important to your bottom line than you think. Data shows that testimonials increase conversions and play a major role in customer research and buying habits.

Excellent insight into adding “real” , and I just added some trying to follow these best practices. These had been added to my Google business page and another industry specific site. Nice article to know about the testimonials with the examples.

How to Write a Testimonial in 2022: 7 Tips (+ 9 Examples)

Having influencers share their trusted name and image with your company adds another layer of credibility and trustworthiness to your brand. In many cases, images increase conversions because they help prospects identify with buyers.

Right Time, Right Place In Practice

And 77% of people who have seen a testimonial product video said they were motivated to make a purchase. Brands like MVMT are innovating by turning social media https://forexreviewdaily.com/ into sales. On its website, you can browse those social media posts and buy through Instagram directly from the site. BrightLocal found that 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. 81% of consumers use Google reviews to evaluate local businesses. The reviewer being able to describe her experience with Fourlane on a first-name basis shows readers that the company offers a personalized experience to its clients.

How to start getting more testimonials for your business

Henneke’s teaching is simple, yet detailed, and I love the huge number of examples in this course. The examples help teach what Henneke calls X-ray reading so I can now see how others write their blog posts, and I’m starting to create my own blogging voice. Here’s a good example of a blog testimonial page for an outdoor retailer. REI uses this section of its blog to promote different benefits https://forexreviewdaily.com/tradershome-reviews/ and uses for its products. Customers can contribute stories and readers can vote and comment on the posts. This structure not only starts valuable conversations about the business but also creates a community of like-minded and passionate customers. ChowNow does a lot right on its testimonial page, but the bread and butter is its collection of production-quality "client stories" videos.

Celebrity endorsements have proven very successful in China, where increasing consumerism makes the purchase of an endorsed product into a status symbol. I’m fiery about marketing, writing and traveling, so you can often find me scribbling away in some unknown corner of the world. If you want to know more ways to increase traffic and attract buyers to your online store get in touch with sixads on one of the channels bellow. No matter what anyone says, testimonials always have – and always will be – a great example of how a story can increase sales.