6 Testimonial Examples You Can Use to Earn More Customers

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These https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/forex/trading/ don’t focus on the quality or looks of the product but rather its practicality. Many of the testimonials highlight the life-saving applications of the product through people sharing their stories of how the Apple Watch saved their lives or the lives of someone they loved.

However, it’s important to know that more business owners are shifting to shooting more professional videos to market their products better. Most hycm reviews show a fairly high-level view of their clients and customers and the results they’ve achieved. One testimoniala lot of people have been using recently is the mashup testimonial, where several individual quotes are strung together into an audio snippet or video.

Forex brokers, when done the right way, can be very powerful tools that will not only gain you new followers, but could turn cynics into believers. In the next section, we offer recommendations for positioning your testimonials on your website to increase conversions. After all, your testimonials can only pack a punch if they’re both prominently and intelligently placed.

Be Love Farm

Let’s take a look at five effective video testimonial examples and extract key insights from them that you can incorporate into your own. https://forexreviewdaily.com/hycm-reviews/ Approximately 73% of B2B videos are two minutes or less — forcing creators to pack in a lot of value in a concise, effective way.

  • This structure not only starts valuable conversations about the business but also creates a community of like-minded and passionate customers.
  • One of our all-time favorite use of picture testimonials comes from ProActiv.
  • “The best way to give your testimonial a boost is by adding a compelling summary sub-headline above it.
  • Often, the best ways to learn are to be inspired by successful examples.
  • You’ll learn how to create lifelong fans who hang on your every word — so you never have to break through the noise again.

Some brands have had enormous success by releasing lighthearted videos that have become internet sensations overnight. While you may not always strike gold, one great piece of content can immediately hy markets reviews make all the flawed ones worthwhile. Because it is difficult to fake a video testimonial that appears authentic. This is one of the most dependable forms of testimonial sample available.

It also eliminates the awkwardness of “Sorry, could you repeat that? OK. Go on, Forex brokers I didn’t mean to cut you off,” that often dominates phone conversations.

How to Combine Testimonials, Case Studies and Reviews to Create Powerful Social Proof

The Federal Trade Commission found that in US businesses, an alarming number of testimonials were in fact fictitious and misleading. In December 2009, they introduced a new set of rules governing testimonials.


When you do see customers promoting your brand over social media, make sure to engage with them. Like their post and even share it if it’s a compelling piece of content. These testimonials are not hard for a company to find and are easily shared with your online audience. Whether you like it or not, your social media channels will naturally capture customer testimonials. Social media offers instant relief for customers who have strong opinions about a product or service. Quote testimonials demonstrate support for your product from a user who has experience with it. This can be significantly more effective than traditional advertising methods, as most consumers will trust a peer more than a paid actor.

Square: Testimonials can offer “proof over praise” with specific data

A good testimonial will reassure a customer – quickly – that you have the solution to their problem. Motherhood has changed the sisters, who spend most of their testimonial time reiterating the role their kids play in their lives. Chronically ill and disabled patients already face significant testimonial injustice in the clinic due to widespread and normalized discrimination against them. In addition to the medical and testimonial evidence, two witness reports rocked the trial room in Brazil, Indiana. Vashem researchers and officials provided conflicting accounts about whether there was any link between the donation and the testimonial. Each episode of the series starts with the testimonial of its protagonist or a family member, who introduces their story.


Many companies struggle to grab people’s attention using their testimonial pages, but Bluebeam does a great job of catching your eye as soon as you arrive on the page. While it’s technically called a Case Studies https://forexreviewdaily.com/ page, the first thing you see is a set of project examples in the form of large, bold images that rotate on a carousel. Scroll down, and you can also click on video case studies, as well as view customer panels.

That’s because most testimonials are overly sugary so they’re ineffective. Yet, over 5 decades later, testimonials are still one of the most underused sales tactics online. Visit mHelpDesk’s testimonial page, and you’ll see videos and text testimonials equipped with pictures.

These review sites are fantastic because no one forces your customers to share a review or post, so they are perceived as truly natural and trustworthy. In many cases, images increase conversions because they help prospects identify with buyers. Whenever you see a quote from a customer who is similar to you, it is easier to feel empathy and proceed with a purchase. On top of that, the customer testimonial lists everything the product doesn’t do (no residue or build-up) that competitor products may do. You can capture your audiences’ experience by highlighting what they say about your brand on social media.

How to Ask For and Respond to Customer Reviews for Local Businesses

CultureFly shares social media posts of their customers’ experiences with their product to show what customers love. The accompanying images make the testimonial even more powerful. While many website https://forexreviewdaily.com/ depict photographs of customers, the cafe focuses exclusively on food photography, particularly coffee and pastries. This is a great example of how customer testimonials on a website can bolster product images. When placed side-by-side customer reviews, the enticing images of cappuccinos, muffins, and banana bread make us want to hop on the next flight to New York. Anyone can write their own testimonials, so it’s important your audience knows they’re from real customers. Make sure your testimonials are written in a believable customer voice.